DJ Jounce feat. Christina Novelli “Nobody Knows” | Preview


Δύο μεγάλα ταλέντα της μουσικής σκηνής αποφασίζουν να ενώσουν τις δυνάμεις τους. Ο λόγος για τον παραγωγό και DJ Jounce (LA) και την τραγουδίστρια Christina Novelli (UK), στο τραγούδι “Nobody Knows“.

Ο DJ Jounce μας έχει χαρίσει μεγάλες επιτυχίες, καθώς και τη συμμετοχή του στο remix του Steve ΑokiDelirious“.  Το νέο του κομμάτι “Time To Get Blown” ακούγεται πολύ αυτό το καλοκαίρι. Ο DJ Jounce συχνάζει και εργάζεται στα μεγαλύτερα clubs της Ασίας της Ίμπιζας και του Λας Βέγκας.

“Beat Matching Is A Replaceable Skill – Mixing Is The Dj’s Art”

Before DJ Jounce went full force into the electronic music scene, he was a band nerd and in a rock band himself. Being in bands was great, but sometimes the focus was more on making the group work vs. making music. When Jounce switched to electronic music, he felt it to be great to be able to orchestrate various instruments and not worry about group dynamics.

DJ Jounce: “I’m not a control freak, I just love all aspects of the song! But honestly, the transition from real instruments to electronic has been humbling as it’s a completely different animal. The amount of stuff you can do with electronic music is practically limitless”
He also has some firm opinions on the club/festival scene. And definitely not a fan of sync functionality on DJ gear. He finds beat matching a replaceable skill and not an art form… Mixing is the DJ’s art.

DJ Jounce: “If all you do is press play, then well, that’s all you really do. There are some awesome DJ’s out there and some awesome producers who are so-so DJ’s … but evolution happens and technology has helped displace the plain vanilla DJ. A real DJ should be about as intimidated by Sync functionality as a lyricist by an electronic rhyming dictionary, a singer by auto-tune, or a banker by an ATM. Technology has always been disruptive but real talent used on top of it will always trump technology alone.”