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Peculiar Three “Inkblot” | Video Premiere


«…who can I trust that isn’t me
the maze’s end I cannot see…»

Inkblot” ονομάζεται το πρώτο video clip των Peculiar Three από τον δίσκο τους Leap of Faith, όπου ανάμενα σε παρειδωλία και πραγματικότητα αναζητούν το αληθινό νόημα της ζωής.

Tο κομμάτι σε μουσική Βαλάντη Δάφκου, Πάνου Καρκάνα και στίχους Βαλάντη Δάφκου μπορείτε να το ακούσετε παρακάτω:

I spy (spy)
with my little eye (eye)
figures in disguise (eyes)
they have come to enter my
Mind (the)
gap between the line (fine)
evil and divine (line)
reality has been compromised

Who can I trust that isn’t me
the maze’s end I cannot see
Where can I find a place to be
is there a life out there for me

ooh Spread your wings
to touch the sky and
ooh believe that you can fly
ooh The rays of light
are passing by and
ooh your life won’t ever be
the same again

I claim (aim)
everything you aim (claim)
losing in a game (shame)
none around is willing to
play (hey)
begging you to stay (hey)
did I hear you say (play)
pledge me life and lead me astray