Metaxas “Timezones” | Video Premiere


O Metaxas, με καταγωγή από Κύπρο, παρουσίασε το μουσικό βίντεο για το τραγούδι “Timezones“.

Σημαντικές στιγμές στη μέχρι τώρα πορεία του Metaxa στο μουσικό στερέωμα η συμμετοχή του αυτήν την περίοδο ως support act στην UK Tour του Ronan Keating (πρώην μέλος των Boyzone), οι σπουδές του στο διεθνώς αναγνωρισμένο Berklee College of Music στη Βοστώνη καθώς και η 2η θέση στο πρώτο ελληνικό X-Factor.

Πρόσφατα, κυκλοφόρησε το πρώτο του EP με τίτλο Home, το οποίο χαρακτηρίζεται για τη vintage αισθητική του & είναι διαθέσιμο στο παρακάτω link προς ακρόαση:

Λίγα λόγια για το Home από τον ίδιο τον καλλιτέχνη:

This EP is the culmination of my collaboration with London based producer and writer Dylan Burns. Dylan and I basically locked ourselves in Blue Door Studios and pretty much recorded the EP ourselves. With collaborators such as Sam Sure, Bailey Taylor, Carlos Tagliapetra, we tried to craft songs with a vintage sound and a vibe reminiscent of 70’s singer songwriters.

Loving you feels so right: This song describes a pure and honest infatuation at a beach party. I distinctly remember my graduation beach party on the coast of Limassol. That night was pure magic and I wanted to capture the young and careless spirit of being 18 and in love.

Home is a track that talks about the journey of my own parents. Their story is truly exceptional and unique, but yet so relatable. Many High School Sweethearts that end up marrying each other face some kind of crisis during their relationship, especially when they have children and when the routine starts weighing down on them. But they eventually found strength in each other to overcome this and rebuild their relationship anew.

Timezones is a very personal song that naturally revealed itself to me after spending a year in a long distance relationship. I wanted to write a song that was true to me and the emotional state I was in. I tried to capture the difficulties of maintaining a healthy relationship across the Atlantic, even with all the technological advances like Skyping, Facetime etc.

Bittersweet: I have always been an outspoken fan of the Eagles and this song is definitely influenced by them. You will recognize the 3-part harmonies during the choruses that are my “tribute” to one of the greatest bands of al time. The story basically documents indecisiveness in a relationship. Part Bitter and Part Sweet, it’s never going to be perfect. And there is beauty in that.

Selene actually means ‘the moon’ in Greek. In this case, it represents an eluding infatuation. The moon is in sight but never in reach, just like Selene.

Ακούστε και το πρώτο ιδιαίτερα επιτυχημένο single του στην Αγγλία με τίτλο “Selene“.